I was bored today, thought of going out... one look at the traffic (I didnt have to go out, i just imagined it, and god it was scary)... so dropped the idea of going out.

Felt hungry, but kitchen is eons away ... will get a pizza, but wait thats what I had yesterday (and all the yesterdays before yesterday)..

googled "food hyderabad" lot of useless sites, which at best tell u how to make it (a nightmare search). But no need to fret, just added the term "online.. food hyderabad" , and bingo lets see what we got:

Ordermonger , Jeebu.com, hyderabadmenu.com and some california sites, (I guess ppl in california are more likely to get Hyderabadi food then I ever would)

Ordermonger had a good collection of restaurants, a really impressive site..the site is all AJAX, I guess the guys know what they are doing. Okay , I had an option of paying on delivery or online (for now I would rather put in the effort of going to door and pay then). Lets see what they have to say ...oh I got the email from them, atleast they are promising to me they will feed me.

Lets see what this jeebu is about. First impression is RUN RUN RUN..the site is messed up, the images are truncated and strange colors are all over the place. But I am bored, so that means I got nothing better to do, lets give them a shot, hmm the collection of restaurant is good, but I think ordermonger had a better collection. The site is old style, browsing is painfully slow, the pages load slow, okay cool i know what I want... DAMN "JEEBU spit out HTTP 500 ". This site is dead !!!

Lets try their phone, rnnnnnng rnnnnnng rnnnnnng,.... These guys should be banned for boring a bored guy to death.

Lets move on, hold on I think i got a call from jeebu :)... ...no wait its ordermonger calling to confirm my order, wow, these guys are nice, they just confirmed all the things I wanted even let me change my mind and altered my order. Lets see if they can deliver on that talk now.

Moving on to Hyderabad Menu (he he I havent paid to ordermonger yet, so I can always change my mind >:)

Okay the first page is not intuitive, I know I am looking for food, and they are making me read an essay in an incredibly small font. Oh cool I figured out how to order, can't find any good restaurant. Well placed an order. Okay no confirmation email yet.. nope waited a couple of minutes nothing yet. Will wait if they will call back.

Okay, I will call it a succesful day.. I have found atleast one good online place to take care of my needs of food .. the winner is hands down ordermonger.com till now.

I will wait for the final verdict, based on how, when and what ordermonger.com delivers.





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